How the Direct-to-Patient Approach Can Streamline your Research Study and Trials The research process can be an inconvenience and a burden for the patient test subject; currently over 40% of test subjects drop out mid-way through the trial. In traditional research models, study participants travel to a medical facility/study-site for screening, baseline, monitoring, and follow-up visits – depending on the study design.

PODCAST: The Bio Report: Bringing the Trial to the Patient

One of the challenges to securing the participation of patients in clinical trials can be simple geography. Sanguine Biosciences is seeking to tear down that barrier to participation by using mobile technology to bring clinical trials to patients. The company recently partnered with Vir Biotechnology to complete a COVID-19 clinical study aimed at better understanding the biology of the disease by sending healthcare personnel to collect blood samples from patients at their homes.

Meet Michael and Frances

Patients like Michael inspire us to continue our mission to make it easy for patients to contribute to research for medical conditions that matter most to them, regardless of their location or ability to travel. Transcript: Frances Saldana: My name is Frances Saldana and I’m a Huntington’s disease patient advocate.