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StartUp Health 2020

Transcript: Logan Plaster: Founder and CEO of Sanguine Biosciences. Brian, why don’t you to come on in? Great to see you. Brian Neman: Great to see you. How are you? Logan Plaster: Good, good, good. Take a seat. Grab the microphone and happy to have you joining us live in the Startup Health studio.

Meet Michael and Frances

Patients like Michael inspire us to continue our mission to make it easy for patients to contribute to research for medical conditions that matter most to them, regardless of their location or ability to travel. Transcript: Frances Saldana: My name is Frances Saldana and I’m a Huntington’s disease patient advocate.

Have you recovered from COVID-19?

Biotech company needs your help with advance research. Vir Biotechnology is looking for patients in San Diego and Los Angeles counties who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate blood to help the company find better ways to diagnose and treat the infection.

Accessing Patients with In-Home Biospecimen Collection

With more than 40,000 ongoing global clinical trials, COVID-19 will cause immense delays with the advancement of research. For non-invasive biospecimen studies and clinical trials that require test subjects to visit hospitals or clinics for biospecimen collection, will the patients just stop showing up for collection?

Complex Research Calls for Sophisticated Biobanking Tools

Biobanks allow researchers to store and study human tissue for a variety of uses, including biomarker discovery, immunotherapy, and targeted treatment of diseases. To be useful, biobanks rely on the collection of samples, efficient isolation, production workflows, and sophisticated data mining tools to access the information and specimens once they’ve been collected and stored.