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AI and Digital Health Accelerating Rare Disease Clinical Research Powered by Patients

Harsha Rajasimha, MS, PhD, Founder, Jeeva Informatics Solutions, Inc.; Founder and Chairman, IndoUSrare; Co-Director, Rare Diseases Systems Biology Initiative, George Mason University After losing a child to a rare congenital disease, Dr. Rajasimha became determined to apply his clinical genomics data research experience to develop solutions to help accelerate clinical research leading to faster cures for rare disease.

Lessons Learned from being at the First Wave of the Covid-19 Epidemic in the US – 7/16 @1PM ET

In early March 2020, Seattle was considered to be a “hot spot” for the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States. A month later, Washington was one of the first states to have demonstrated success at “flattening the curve”. This presentation will explore important lessons learned that might be of value to other jurisdictions and what challenges we still face as we transition into the “post peak” phase of the epidemic in the Puget Sound.

Considerations for Feasibility for Translational Research

Considerations for Feasibility for Translational Research For many researchers, considering the feasibility of a translational study with Sanguine Biosciences is a crucial yet challenging step. The proposed study they submit might not be possible based on real-world evidence or Sanguine’s service offerings, requiring them to modify their criteria.