How the Direct-to-Patient Approach Can Streamline your Research Study and Trials

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The research process can be an inconvenience and a burden for the patient test subject; currently over 40% of test subjects drop out mid-way through the trial. In traditional research models, study participants travel to a medical facility/study-site for screening, baseline, monitoring, and follow-up visits – depending on the study design. However, this model increases the burden on study participants and their caregivers, such as work-time loss, study site visits outside typical physician visits, transportation issues, use of paid-time-off hours, overcoming mobility/disability limitations, inconvenient study-visit timing, and inability to commit to repeat visits.

In-home patient visits for biospecimen collection are an alternative to combat these existing barriers. As a biopharma community, we need to look for ways not to delay research and clinical trials, but continue to make strides for treatments and cures.  Home visits are an alternative to keep studies and trials moving forward.

In this Sanguine S3 Webinar, we will discuss:

  • Benefits of in-home collection, processing and procedures
  • How to avoid study delays due to lack of samples
  • How to get better access to patients
  • Case studies demonstrating successes with same day collection


Gerald Lee, Chief Product Officer, Sanguine Biosciences

Amanda Effres, ACRP-CP, Head of Feasibility & Study Design, Sanguine Biosciences

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