From Serum to Survey – Following an active COVID-19 Patient member community over time

Sanguine Bioscience, a California-based biotechnology company focused on patient recruitment, sample collection engagement and digital health, has partnered with multiple biotech and pharmaceutical companies, such as Vir Biotechnology and EpiVax, Inc, to facilitate the patient recruitment for over 23 research studies, studies aimed at gaining a better understanding of COVID-19.

Researching COVID-19

We at Sanguine Bioscience have partnered with multiple biotech and pharmaceutical companies, such as Vir Biotechnology and EpiVax, Inc, to facilitate over 23 research studies aimed at gaining a better understanding of COVID-19. Although the overarching goal of this research is to develop treatments and vaccines, valuable information can be obtained about the virus, its patterns of infection, and the effectiveness of community response to the epidemic. 

Sanguine Bio Accelerates Pace in Vaccine Race

Biotech: Blood samples are raw materials for virus research and development. by Amy Stulick, Staff Reporter As pharmaceutical labs race to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, biomaterial for researchers has become increasingly valuable. That works to the advantage of Sanguine Biosciences in Sherman Oaks, which provides blood, tissue, plasma, and other biologic material for R&D.

COVID and the Microbiome

Research on the human microbiome has burgeoned in recent years. Microbiome imbalances have been linked to chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression. But scientists have also uncovered evidence of the microbiome’s crucial role in infectious diseases, including COVID-19, pointing to it as a promising target for treating them. 

Overcoming Study-Patient Burdens in Medical Research During the Pandemic

Study-patient recruitment and retention continue to be significant challenges in medical research, and even more so, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The at-home isolation and social distancing orders for millions of Americans is a vital element to slow the COVID-19 pandemic, but the global pandemic has the potential to disrupt and delay vital research.

COVID-Sparked Practices Driving New Patient-Centric Behaviors

In 2000, Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point became a runaway bestseller by describing the factors that fuel an epidemic, and how the world suddenly becomes a different place as it reaches the inflection point. He discusses epidemics as spreading quickly like a virus, causing people to start behaving differently, triggering contagiousness, whether it applies to fashion trends, the uptake of cell phones, or the spread of disease.

Recovered Coronavirus Patient Donates Blood To Help Vaccine, Treatment Research

WBZ | CBS Boston – Lara Woolfson’s COVID-19 story and her participation with Sanguine for her in-home blood sample collection. Transcript: Headline News: Live from the Channel 4 Studios in Boston, this is WBZ news at 5:30. Liam Martin: Well for a photographer from Boston who has already recovered from the coronavirus is hoping that her fight with it will help others recover as well.

PODCAST: The Bio Report: Bringing the Trial to the Patient

One of the challenges to securing the participation of patients in clinical trials can be simple geography. Sanguine Biosciences is seeking to tear down that barrier to participation by using mobile technology to bring clinical trials to patients. The company recently partnered with Vir Biotechnology to complete a COVID-19 clinical study aimed at better understanding the biology of the disease by sending healthcare personnel to collect blood samples from patients at their homes.